Web Development Courses That Are Perfect For Beginners Or Newbies
29th August 2014
With more and more people starting to realise that their business will flounder without an online presence, there has been an increasing demand for web developers. If you are brand new to the internet, you are certainly going to benefit from a full-scale course rather than a couple of YouTube vides or written instructions. We want to stress that many of these courses do require a monetary signup, but you will be receiving a quality education.
EduCBA IT: Learn PHP and MySQL
This is a brief but descriptive course that explains how to get started in web development. It focuses particularly on two of the most popular programming languages – PHP and MySQL. You will learn how to use modules, design a simple page and work with login systems.
Ash Anderson: HTML and CSS From Scratch
The creator behind this course, Ash Anderson, wants to give students a basic (yet decent) introduction on how to work with HTML and CSS (two of the most popular scripting languages). At the conclusion, you will feel confident enough to take on some more advanced tutorials.
Eduonix: Learn Complete Web Development From Scratch
This is probably the most talked about development course on the internet because it is very educational and is up to date with the latest web standards. You will learn several technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, AJAX, PHP, MySQL and Yii.
Eduonix: Learn Responsive Web Development From Scratch
With responsive design being more important than ever before, it is vital that every developer master how to build a responsive website. Created by the same people as the course above, this one will cover Bootstrap 3 and different CSS3 selectors that you will use.
Alex Yang: Ruby On Rails For Entrepreneurs And Startups
This course will teach you to master Ruby on Rails, as well as teaching you everything that you need to know about building successful web applications. You will cover: Ruby 2, Ruby on Rails 4, Bootstrap 3, Stripe payment API, GitHub, Heroku, and other standard features.
If you are interested in pursuing a career as a web developer or in familiarising yourself with the craft for the benefit of your business, we definitely recommend any of the paid courses outlined above. They will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to embark on the journey of web development, helping you to build attractive and user-friendly websites. Are there any other courses that you find beneficial in your education?

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