What Are The Top Web Design Trends For 2014?
9th April 2014

Although 2014 is well under way, many people are still wondering about the web design trends that we are likely to see unveiled in the coming months. In this article, we have decided to outline 6 of the trends that we believe are going to prove to be most popular and have the greatest impact.



Flat Design – A clever way of describing this design is minimalism on steroids. Basically, it involves keeping a website simple, clean and modern – less clutter, more white space and a better user experience.

Responsive Design – With smartphones and tablet devices flying off the shelves, this type of design is going to be a must. Clients are asking for it and developers are pushing for it – the benefits are too great to ignore.



Better Images – Even though web designers have been pushing for better images for a long time now, clients are finally starting to realise that higher quality and more creative images will serve them best.

Parallax Websites – It has been suggested that this will be a design trend for some of the big brands around the world, as it allows them to make a big statement (due to clever scrolling and powerful images).



Infographics – There are numerous benefits surrounding the use of infographics, including the presentation of a lot of information in a small space, they’re eye-catching and they are quite affordable to create.

Typography – This year, it is believed that designers will start to steer away from those traditional fonts of Times New Roman and Helvetica in favour of some eye-catching, funky and affordable fonts.



Regardless of whether you are a small startup business or a national corporation, it is likely that some of the above web design trends will begin appearing in many new websites that are created this year. Remember to embrace these trends with open arms, as they are sure to get you noticed.


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