How To Judge The Effectiveness Of Online Marketing
2nd July 2014

These days, online marketing is an essential tool for almost all businesses. When you spend money on this sort of marketing, however, you want to ensure that it is going to be effective and that you are going to be drawing in plenty of traffic that converts to sales. Fortunately, tracking your campaign online is much easier than it is for other forms of advertising because all of the results are stored on the internet and are accessible anywhere.

But how do you go about judging the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign? Your success will ultimately depend on a number of variables, from where you advertise to the types of offers you use. Some businesses can spend a small amount and see fantastic results, whereas others will spend thousands of dollars and get absolutely no reward. Unfortunately, you will have no idea where you sit on the spectrum without tracking.

Click-Through Rate – One way to measure the success of your campaign is to look at the click-through rate. This is a term that describes how many visitors are clicking on a link compared to how many are seeing it. It is sometimes referred to as a conversion rate and is extremely valuable for email marketing, as you can see who clicks through to your website and who doesn't.

Revenue – Another way to measure the success of your campaign is to look at how much revenue you are generating. Whilst page views, clicks and sign up can provide you with valuable data about your website, the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign is to increase your revenue. If you aren't making a profit, you need to look at other techniques that will allow this.

There are a number of ways that you could choose to advertise your business online; many people will actually use a combination of online marketing techniques to give them the best possible chances at success. Pay-per-click marketing, for example, involves you paying every single time someone clicks on your ad. Email advertising, on the other hand, allows you to send a message directly to those who are interested.

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