Easy And Effective Online User Engagement Strategy
24th January 2018

Let’s face it – customers are the lifeblood of our businesses. Whether you sell a physical product (such as clothing) or a service (such as lawn mowing), you’ll fail without loyal customers. This is where an online user engagement strategy comes in, as this will help you to engage with your customers (showing them that you care) and encourage a lasting relationship.

Here are some of our favourite easy and effective strategies:

  • Use social media as an engagement tool, not just a platform
    Social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are not simply platforms for connecting with people – you should use them as tools if you want better results. Use them to connect, share, identify questions, research influencers and other experts to create content users want.
  • Communicate with VIP customers about special promotions
    Simply put, VIP customers are those who have been with you for a long time, referred friends and are just general fans. Neglect or take these customers for granted and you’ll lose them. Invite VIP customers to live events or one-on-one coaching programs, for example.
  • Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value
    No matter your market, when you put your customers first and think about their welfare you'll nurture an army of brand advocates. Information overload has become a real roadblock to engaging customers, so try obsessing over your customers instead of your competitors.
  • Create custom content that addresses customer questions
    Are you engaging your customers with custom content? It’s important that you create useful content. Look at it this way – your customers have questions that are bugging them right now, so what are you doing to proffer answers? Give them reasons to stick with you.
  • Produce interactive content to feed customer demand
    Studies have found that interactive content is actually an effective approach for educating customers; when they’re educated, they become engaged and willing to take action. Interactive content includes galleries, polls and surveys, quizzes, contests and infographics.
  • Improve customer support by making it your duty
    No matter what product you deal with, what you’re really selling is experience. Whilst you can’t connect or communicate with thousands of customers one on one, you can add personality to your voice. Every member of your team must be on board.
  • Respond promptly to customer calls
    How fast do you reply to your customer calls? Remember that fast replies generate revenue. And by "calls" we're actually referring to feedback – not just phone calls or emails. Customers aren't willing to wait for 48 hours for a response when someone else can answer in 24 hours.

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